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Lego® Club is a social development program that teaches students how to work as a team to solve a problem.

Lego® Club provides a safe and inviting environment where youth can learn and practice independent social skills. This collaborative play theory was developed using Attwood’s concept of constructive application, which uses the youth’s interests to encourage learning and development. There is a large emphasis on peer modeling, and interaction, and less on strict adult instruction. 

Benefits of Lego® Club

Lego® Club was created to help encourage youth who might be hesitant or aloof in their social groups. It can help develop key social skills and build confidence in a safe and like-minded environment.

This program was developed for youth who have social phobias, anxiety, depression, and adjustment issues.

Students will learn how to work together, share, negotiate, and compromise with each other, as they explore and work through various Lego® builds.

Upcoming Dates:

Date: October 8th - November 12
Time: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Cost: $60.00